London based contemporary fashion designer, Neeva D is known for her hybrid couture women’s and children’s wear. She is the founder and Creative Director of the brand ‘Neeva D London’ which was launched in 2015.

The brand was born from Neeva D’s fascination of the architectures, her love of ballet, elegant designs and silhouettes of the West, especially by her fashion icon Audrey Hepburn and by the flamboyant colours, exquisite fabrics and the hand craft of her birth place Kolkata, India, Neeva D’s collections carry the hallmark of her inspiration – her dual heritage and her upbringing in multicultural London. “I am very fortunate to have been brought up in two distinctive cultures, British and Indian, and I value both of them in equal measure. It is intrinsically part of my life, greatly influencing my creativity”, – Neeva D.

A fashion graduate from University of Bristol, Neeva-D won awards for her ground-breaking portfolio of cross cultural fashion projects during her final year BA degree. Following several years working as a professional designer for many UK brands in London, she became an International fashion consultant for the National Institute of Fashion in India where her love affair with her dual heritage came full circle.

Each piece of Neeva D’s launch creation is unique made by authentic artisans with exceptional expertise, and produced in her workshops in London and India. Her couture occasion wear for women is recognisable at first glance as they all carry the trademark of her brand, the mastery of Chantilly lace appliqué on fine satin or tulle, with intricate hand embroidery of embellished work and discreet side pockets. It is here where the beautiful marriage of two cultures comes together in fluidity and finesse.

At the heart of the Neeva D London brand, lies a unique philosophy – affordable luxury with exclusive timeless design, world class artistry and high quality finish, that is fitting of Neeva D’s women, always confident, practical and elegantly feminine. Mirroring the same quality and design aesthetic, Neeva D brings elegance and glamour to young girls’ wardrobes.
“Style is Ageless…” - Audrey Hepburn

“…Fashion is Timeless”– Neeva D

Neeva - Artisinal Craftsmanship
Artisinal Craftsmanship of Kolkata
We are fortunate and feel very humble to be associated with some of the most talented textile artisans of Kolkata who has been practising traditional textile embroidery crafts for generations. Some of these embroidery arts on the verge of dying as new generations moves on in search of better livelihood. Designers like Neeva D who are brought up in two cultural heritage are keen on preserving this beautiful arts form. Keeping true to the spirit of the original craft and cultural sensibility, Neeva D reimagines some of these embroidery techniques through her modern lens on contemporary manner where West meets to East to create hybrid products that are not only beautiful to eye and touch, but also offer cultural sensibility.

Some of the embroideries that are most prominent in Neeva D collections are ‘sequin embellishment’ on French lace applique and ‘katha embroidery’ which is most synonymous with Kolkata.
Sequin Embellishment
Sequins are a type of embellishment used to decorate fabrics for fashion and other ornamental purposes. The word ‘sequin’ is derived from the Arabic word ‘sikka’ which means coin. Sequin art was first used in Arabic countries to decorate the veils and head gear of men and women to indicate their wealth and high status. Over time, sequin embroidery travelled other parts of the world including India where it became extremely popular as a form of decoration for all types of clothes during the Moghul emperor’s time in 16th Century. Kolkata (or Calcutta as it was known then) adopted this as an art form in a big way, creating world class exquisite hand embroidery.

The artisans of Neeva D masterfully hand embroiders every single glittering glass beads and sequins, pearls and Swarovski stones intricately over her signature fabric, Chantilly lace applique on fine satin or tulle. Neeva D embellishment work minimalistic in Western style made created beautifully by authentic artisans with exceptional expertise. It is here where the beautiful marriage of two cultures come together in fluidity and finesse.
Kantha Embroidery
One of the traditional embroidery styles practised in Bengal and Odisha, Kantha work is known for its simplicity. Traditionally practised by rural women, Kantha was done on soft dhotis and sarees, with a simple running stitch along the edges. Interestingly, the thread used to do that was drawn from the border threads of the used cloth. Characterised by motifs of birds, animals, flowers and everyday activities in a running stitch format with short gaps, the Kantha embroidery today adorned skilfully in Neeva D’s designs, paying homage to this distinct artistry.

Neeva D
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